About Me

Writing books is my dream come true.

My Work

I am an author of Children's Books, Young Adult and Adult Fantasy Fiction and  Young Adult non-fiction..

I wanted to be an author since I first learned to read and my first stories were about the adventres of a car which I illustrated myself. 

I only started seriously pursuing my writing career after I left a successful career in 2010 and have since written 29 books which have been translated and published in multiple languages.


My Community

Thank you for your interest. Authors need readers and honest feedback or reviews from their readers in order to continuously improve their skill and the stories they tell their loyal readers. I am always inspired to receive feedback from my readers. Feedback  means I am doing something meaningful and that some people at least enjoy or value my work enough to provide feedback

There is magic in books and reading to children helps them discobver the magic and then look for it in other books.

Join My Journey

I believe we all love books if we just decide to sit down and try reading as well as find books we enjoy.

It is up to us to develop and encourage literacy and a love of books and reading in children by showing them the magic in books with regular reading during the day or at bedtime.

Books do not just represent reading but stores and stores of knowledge that children can absorb, enoy and learn from.

I  will be most grateful if you will follow me on social media and share my content with your friends and family. I will of course be happy to reciprocate but please understand that a follow does not represent an endorsement. 

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